About Us

it all started at a Racetrack

Arrow & Peak formed after years of two people just doing what they love most - adventure & photography. Kyle and Becky originally met at a Racetrack in California. Kyle would hang out of mini vans to capture the speed of Ferrari's on racetracks, while Becky worked closely with the drivers before and after the track. From there, they spent a ton of time traveling and curating photos, everything from photoshoots in Germany to capturing the chunks of ice repelling off a mountain of ice climbers - they've done it all. Later, Kyle opted in to understanding the marketing side of things and started a career in web development, as Becky moved into design. With this skill set, they have helped businesses reach their 'peak', families share lasting memories and friends build their following. NOTE - the photo on the right. We wish there was a behind the scenes photo! This was the event where Kyle and Becky met, and for this shot, Becky was holding Kyle's legs so he wouldn't fall out onto the track ;)